Ethereum Lighthouse Project To Receive Update In Coming Weeks

Ethereum Lighthouse to receive update

The Ethereum Lighthouse project will be receiving an update much sooner than we even thought. The developer team at SigP (Sigma Prime) recently posted on their Twitter platform that an update to the Ethereum open source was very imminent. Reports also indicate that the developers have discussed in detail the Lighthouse project and have come up with a thought out plan as a way forward for the project to thrive.

The first update, Lighthouse update 1, is said to include a Boneh-Lynn-Shacham amalgam signature, but is still said to be be unsafe. The block has also being successfully pre-processed. All of this was shared in the post which was pretty much extensive and detailed in explaining all the progress made by the team concerning the Lighthouse project. Due to the not so safe standards at the moment, another SSZ (SimpleSerialize) has been merged with the 2.0 project by the Sigma Prime Team.

“A single invalid attestation invalidates the entire block so we avoid de-serializing them all up-front.”

Now this had been preceded by the team explaining how the pre-processing of the block was a benchmark achievement for them. This process involves a serialized block from an untrusted source being verified and eventually being deemed valid through a series of de-serialization of various records. Moreover it mentioned that the BLS signature that it was implementing helped the developers to use real world signature verification.

They also addressed the confusion within the Ethereum community concerning the exact signature schemes presently in use

“Ethereum 2.0 uses the ‘old’ scheme described in BGLS03. The new scheme mitigates the “rouge-key attack” and allows signatures across distinct messages but is slower. Eth 2.0 protects against the rouge-key attack by requiring a bls_proof_of_possession on validator registration and naturally requires all signed messages to be identical (non-distinct).”

The team further explained that  the previous signature scheme was a much faster version as compared to the new one and thus had no need for features of the very current one. We are to expect more news in the coming weeks as the team works on state transition logic, fuzzing framework, Friendly Finality Gadget Fork, and libp2p daemon,

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