Start Mining Cryptocurrencies with Your Website

Now Anyone Can Mine Cryptocurrency

JSE cryptography is providing a new way for website owners to monetize their content as an alternative to displaying ads. This may be preferable for sites where space is at a premium or banner advertising is not appropriate. It could also be used in conjunction with existing traditional advertising methods as an additional revenue stream.

The code snippet is copied and pasted from the platform on to a publishers website(s).

A privacy and opt-out notification is displayed to provide transparency with the website visitor. Our system does not do any hidden background mining.

The visitor is notified with a privacy pop up the first time they visit the site in a similar way to the EU cookie notifications, this has a network wide opt-out option.

The code then uses excess CPU power to carry out mathematical hashing operations on data for our blockchain. Successfully found hashes are sent back to the servers and the webmaster or self-miner is rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens.

The javascript is loaded as a post-page-load async process so it will not disrupt website performance and the user experience is not affected.

“Poor Quality” traffic which doesn’t earn ad revenue such as visitors from remote regions can also be monetized effectively for the first time. This provides a foot in the door opportunity to test the program with larger media companies.

Now is a great time to join this beta program and earn some JSEcoins while competition for mining is relatively low.

Just three easy steps to start mining cryptocurrency with your website:

  1. Setup your publisher account.
  2. Install a code snippet on to your site.
  3. Receive JSEcoins for each user.

JSEcoins can be used with Google Adsense and other advertising systems as an additional revenue stream.