What is JSEcoin?

JSECoin is a new, energy efficient DIGITAL CURRENCY mined by webmasters and easily used by everyone. . Anyone with a website or web browser can now mine cryptocurrency, use it as a payment gateway /merchant platform and profit with it. JSECoin has an active platform with over 70 000 registered users and 18 000 registered sites.

Choose JSECoin because:

  1. JSECoin platform is safe, simple to use, and totally user-friendly. Someone with no previous experience in cryptocurrency can easily set up an account, mine their coins, and make all kind of transactions. It has fee-free fast transfers with 30 second block cycles, and it offers easy-to-use merchant tools that allow webmasters to accept JSECoin for payments on their websites.
  2. It offers multiple earning possibilities and it has realistic potential for significant price increase.
  3. It gives all of a powerful first mover advantage. There will never be a better time to start mining JSE tokens on our websites. Competition is increasing, so building a stack of JSE coins now, before they are listed on the public exchanges, can prove EXTRA profitable. Small, medium and large websites can all benefit from the JSECoin cryptocurrency mining module and... If you do not own any website, FreeCOINS4All is here to help!
  4. We fully trust the the JSEcoin founders team. We have been with JSECoin for many months now and never yet we have seen them missing a deadline or not keeping their word, even about the smallest things. We have often said that we love those JSE guys and, we know you will love them too.
  5. Can JSEcoin be exchanged in some exchanges? We are starting with JSECoin during its Pre-ICO phase. (The ICO, Initial Coin Offering, is already scheduled to begin on July 11th, one month after our FC4A launch date) As soon as its ICO ends, JSE Coins will be tradable and exchangeable on many exchanges. But even now, JSE coins are acceptable for payments on many websites and on our site you can purchase everything with them.

Mining JSE Coins is Easy!

Besides mining via one's website and receiving extra coins for inviting others (unfortunately, we are being rewarded right now only for registrations with the IPS from the approved countries) one can mine coins directly on the JSE platform.

There is a dedicated mining page on the platform where you can put your devices CPU to use, earning you some JSECoin tokens. Your computer will be performing in the background mathematical equations to secure the JSE blockchain, and as a reward for doing that, you will have the chance to earn JSE tokens.

You're in complete control the whole time and can start and stop the process at any point and change how much CPU power you dedicate to mining.