What Kind of Program is ACX Crypto?

ACX Crypto is ready to take its place in the investment sector as the "first" gap program. When we say "gap", we mean the first MAJOR online system that offers:

  • Much HIGHER earnings than traditional investments and stocks, which pay about 10% to 12% Per YEAR
  • Much LESS daily earnings than High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) that claim to pay 2% to 5% Per DAY

Instead, ACX Crypto pays daily earnings of 1% Per DAY. That equals Yearly Earnings of over 300%! ACX Crypto Under Promises (compared to HYIPs) and OVER DELIVER (compared t traditional investments). This is the First True GAP Program Online!

It’s true that ACX Crypto stands alone compared to every other program that either sells or rewards participants with Bitcoins and other Cryptos. But before we explain the difference, let us be very clear of What ACX Crypto Isn’t!

ACX Crypto is NOT a Bitcoin MLM

There are many online MLM programs that ALWAYS require you to promote/recruit in order to earn any money. Some use a "binary" system, which happens to be the most difficult type of program to make any money with, and they are really not very ethical.

ACX Crypto NEVER requires recruiting...

ACX Crypto is NOT an ICO Initial Coin Offering (ICO) try to get people to buy brand new crypto coins. ICOs can be very unethical at times and are extremely risky.

ACX Crypto NEVER sells you cryptocurrencies…

ACX Crypto is NOT an HYIP

HYIP (High Yield Income Programs) are designed to make some people money very quickly and leave everyone else out of pocket.

So, What is ACX Crypto?

The best description for ACX Crypto is as a Cryptocurrency Trading Club, but with the BEST of Conditions for All Members! Our Team of Expert Crypto Traders does all the work for you, and ALL the Profits are paid back to the members.

  • $10 Minimum Investment (max. $1M)
  • ACX Crypto Takes ALL the Risk
  • No Contracts to Sign (start immediately)
  • Longevity (ACX is operating since 2013)
  • Know NOTHING and Make Money
  • Requires Only 5 Minutes a Day
  • No Need to Own any Bitcoin
  • Earnings of 1% per day (300% per year)
  • No Deposit or Setup Fees
  • Almost No Withdrawal Fees
  • Fast Withdrawals of Earnings

ACX Crypto is a winning combination of all the potential of the Crypto Market and the tremendous advantages the Ad Click Xpress system offers to everyone!

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